Month: April 2019

The Royal Opera – Sultanate of Oman

The Sultan Opera House is a multipurpose building that can host various events such as opera festivals, concerts, plays, conferences and many cultural and artistic events. The Opera House consists of a concert hall, a formal hall and gardens, a…

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Villas for sale

Villa for sale in 6th Al Khawd

The Villa consists of two floors: 1st floor: 1 room, board, large lounge and 2 bathrooms Second floor: 3 rooms and 3 bathrooms Price 105 thousand negotiable Real estate brokerage – Amlak management – Muscat Souk Al Khawd Oridou Building…

Luxury villa for sale in the sixth wading finishes

A luxury villa in the sixth area of luxury finishes consisting of two floors: First floor: 1 room, board, lounge and 3 bathrooms Second Floor: 3 rooms, 3 bathrooms and lounge Area of the building: 337 m Land area: 300…

Emtilak Development – Invest in Oman

Emtilak  for Development – Invest in Oman Investment and ownership with ownership of development and investment


مطلوب فلل وشقق ايجار مفروش وغير مفروش من المالك

مطلوب فلل وشقق ايجار مفروش وغير مفروش من المالك امتلاك للتنمية و الإستثمار امتلاك للتنمية وساطة عقارية و ادارة املاك 24542722 – 96159384 -96560656

فيلات للإيجار بالخوض الجديدة بمساحة 240 م للإيجار

فيلات بالخوض الجديدة بمساحة 240 م للإيجار طابقين الطابق الاول يتكون : من مجلس وغرفة وصالة و 2 حمام و مطبخ الطابق الثانى : 3 غرف 2 حمام (( الايجار الشهرى 380 ريال قابل للتفاوض )) وساطة عقارية – ادارة…