Villas for sale

Villas in the sixth area opposite to the university

Villas in the sixth area opposite to the university
It is possible to buy three villas with some in case of desire of the buyer
Building Area: 290 m (per villa)
6 bedrooms with toilet, master bedroom 4.3 * 5.4 m
Room working house + water cycle + laundry room
Board with toilet
Saloon 3.9 * 5.7 meters
# Construction is personal, not commercial and all construction materials are of excellent quality by owner’s own choice
# Doubleclass windows with water leakage guarantee (HD)
# Insulation wall between each sound
# Decor for the first floor full
# Water and Thermal Insulation for Water and Surface Surfaces (Ceramico Technique)
# External doors type UPVC against water and against color change
# Doors of rooms type WPC
# WPC WC Doors with Glass
# Jotun dyes (internal and external)
# Hot-glass heaters from inside in kitchens and all bathrooms
# Brass tubes for air conditioning ready
# Safety system ready
# Hitachi Type Fans
# Gas pipe ready

First: 90,000 Omani rials (Conner)
Second: 90 thousand Omani riyals (medium)
Third: 90 thousand Omani riyals (last)
Negotiable within reasonable to serious

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